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The Accelerator Applications Division was organized to promote the advancement of knowledge of the use of particle accelerator technologies for nuclear and other applications. It focuses on production of neutrons and other particles, utilization of these particles for scientific or industrial purposes, such as the production or destruction of radionuclides significant to energy, medicine, defense or other endeavors, as well as imaging and diagnostics.

AAD members are the scientists and engineers who develop, operate and utilize some of the world’s largest accelerator facilities. The design and operation of these facilities is one of the most challenging scientific achievements in the area of nuclear technology. These facilities have opened up new areas in the understanding of the structure of matter and its response to extreme environments as well as contributed to the production and use of isotopes for a variety of scientific and medical applications. By joining AAD, you will become a contributing member to this vibrant and growing scientific community and be able to participate in a number of engaging activities and technical conferences related to the use of accelerators.

The AccApp’20 will be held as stand-alone Topical Meeting in 2020 in Vienna, Austria. This meeting is open to all interested parties and supported through the activities of AAD members.

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